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Used Steelworker Kingsland 45XA 45 Ton, 5 Station


Used Steelworker Kingsland 45XA 45 Ton, 5 Station


(photos taken on site)

Excellent British Built Compact Machine, Ideal for:

Punching, Notching & Cropping: Flats, Bars and Angles

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Additional Information




22 mm Diameter Through 15 mm
38 mm Diameter Through 8 mm


8 mm

Shears Flats

200 mm x 153 mm
300 mm x 12 mm

Crops Angles

@ 90 degrees 100 mm x 100 mm x 10 mm


Rounds 30 mm, Squares 25 mm


Three Phase Electrics
3 Kw

Approx Dimensions

1420 x 600 x 1530 mm high

Approx Weight

1200 kg

Why buy a Rondean Machine?

Absolute Money Back Guarantee

We offer an Absolute Money Back Guarantee on all machines that we either Refurbish or Recondition and also our prime stock machines (i.e. modern or little-used) superior quality requiring no more than cleaning and servicing. And we’ll give you it in writing so that we’re contractually bound by it…… (not that we need to be!)

Multi-point inspection

Multi-Point pre-dispatch inspection

All ‘prime’ machines go through an intensive Multi-Point pre-despatch inspection.

We carry out a full needs analysis

We will only sell something if we are able to: - Save you time, increase your profits, or solve a production or other problem and provide you with a real solution. We never ever sell just to get Rondean a sale!

Fully powered demonstrations

Fully powered demonstrations

We also offer Fully Powered Demonstrations: Please make an appointment to bring your materials along to ‘try-before-you-buy’.

Fully insured delivery options

We can provide a Fully insured delivery insurance option we use specialist tried-and-tested- hauliers (as opposed to the some hauliers where a loss is calculated usually at only current scrap value)

Flexibility, experience and capabilities

Within reason we can haul, move, lift, install, locate, equip, and service most machines.

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